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We want to hear from you!

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

It’s no mistaking that 2011 is off to a great start here at GeekUtils.  We have some great updates and enhancements planned for all of our apps this year, but we still want to hear from you.  Do you have ideas for new features or functions?  Maybe you know of a great new YouTube channel and you think we should contact them to build them an app?  Maybe you’ve found a bug in one of our products, or have a suggestion for an enhancement that would make one of the features of our app easier to use?

If any of these describes you – please contact us.  The quickest way is to simply open any of our apps, go to the “More” tab, touch “About” and then touch the “Send GeekUtils and e-Mail” button.  (NOTE: this is the case in the majority of our apps, but in some apps the “About” tab is located elsewhere in the app).  This will pop up the e-mail app where you can send us your thoughts, suggestions, complaints, bug reports, or just take a moment to say hello and tell us how you like our apps :).

We look forward to hearing from you!

Why you need to set date and time correctly.

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

We’ve gotten a couple of people who have e-mailed us over the past couple of months where they tell us that in any of our apps, none of the videos will play.

The solution for this problem is simple.  When the iPod touch, iPad (and iPhones on some carriers) go completely dead, they lose the date and time settings.   The YouTube authorization algorithm requires that the date and time are set properly, because the device receives authorization for a given timeframe to play a video.

If the date and time settings are wrong, when YouTube sends back an authorization timeframe, it will always be wrong versus your device, so the videos will not play.

You would also notice that when your date and time are incorrectly set, you cannot download from the app store.  For these reasons, it is always important to make sure to reset your time settings if you ever allow the iPod or iPhone to go completely dead.

Happy YouTubing!

GeekUtils is What’s Hot!

Friday, June 25th, 2010

Well – actually, what’s hot is how many apps are being downloaded and for that we thank you guys, our valued customers.  Even if the apps are free, it means a lot to us to see our apps hitting the top charts in iTunes.  As of this evening three of our apps are in the “Whats Hot” section of the Social Networking category (CTFxC, Unofficial ShayTards, and Unofficial Shane Dawson).  Additionally, three of our apps are in the “What’s Hot” section of the News category (PhillyD Official, AutoTV, and GamerTV.  Check out the screen captures below to see what we mean!

Thanks again for downloading our apps and helping us to grow our brand and our awareness in iTunes!

Auto TV v1.0 Released to App Store

Friday, April 9th, 2010

We are happy to announce that today, Auto TV was released  for sale in the app store.  At initial launch, Auto TV combines video feeds from over 70 popular video sources to provide over 30,000 videos for the automotive enthusiast.

All video listings are automatically displayed with the most recent videos on top – this even applies to the “Search” tab which searches the entire Automotive category on YouTube.  Now you can fill your desire for information pertaining automotive news, reviews, and upgrades – all in one convenient location.

If you are already using one of our apps to read this post, simply navigate to the “More Apps” view and press the Auto TV link to download.  Hurry – this new app is on sale for a limited time for 50% off and is only $0.99 US.  This is way less than the price of your average magazine – with much more information!

If you are on a computer reading this post, please click this link to open iTunes and download.

Thanks!  We hope you enjoy our newest app!