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Thanks for an amazing 2010!

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011

I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has downloaded our free or paid apps this year.  GeekUtils is still a new and growing company, and you all have helped to get us off to a good start.  We’re now averaging around 60,000 individual application sessions per day – which means one of our apps is launched about every second and a half worldwide.

I would also like to thank our content partners for whom we have “official” apps for giving us the chance to celebrate their branding through our suite of iPhone apps.   So, Charles Trippy and Alli Speed, Phil DeFranco, Tony Valenzuela (BlackBoxTV), OlgaKay, Joe Nation, stirFryTV, Kev Jumba, Mark Watson (SoldierKnowsBest), Mike Tompkins, Benny & Rafi Fine (TheFineBros), Paul (TeamDMG Official), and Peter Chao (app coming soon) – Thank You! It’s been a pleasure and I really appreciate the opportunity to work with you folks by providing your official apps and I hope you enjoy what I’ve provided 😉

Here’s to a great 2010, and an even better 2011.  Please remember that we can’t continue to provide and maintain all of these awesome free apps if our paid apps are not successful.  Please spread the word about AutoTV, GamerTV, EDUTV, and TypeCam – and if you haven’t had a chance to check them out yet – please give them a shot .  These great apps are only 99 cents each – and we think that they’re worth every penny and then some 😉

Please keep in mind that you can follow this blog, and follow all of our latest app releases right within our apps by periodically checking out the “Dev Blog” and “More Apps” tabs found in the “More” section of the main tab bar.

Customize your tab bar – HOWTO

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

We get a lot of e-mail where people say “Hey, I love your app for <insert YouTube celeb name here>, but I don’t care about his/her facebook page – why don’t you put twitter on the main tab bar and move facebook to the more tab”.

Of course, this same e-mail comes in hundreds of different variations – everyone has their own preferences it seems.  The truth is, we can’t make everyone happy with the default order – which is why the tab bar in ALL of our YouTube apps is completely configurable.  Configuring the bar is identical to the way you can configure the iPod tab bar – to customize, simply:

  • Touch the “More” tab (the one on the far right)
  • Touch “Edit” in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Drag the icons from the listing up top down to the position where you would like them to appear on the tab bar OR move the existing four tabs around by dragging them into a new location
  • Press “Done”

Now, every time you start the app – the tabs will appear in the exact order YOU want them, not the order we provide them in 😉  Our default order is based upon statistics and/or the Content Creator’s request for the default layout – but you can order these any way you want.

Customize away! 🙂  Happy Holidays!

Updates for all apps now available.

Monday, December 20th, 2010

We’ve released a small update for all of our apps that fixes an issue with the built-in Facebook browser. It was reported to us that the facebook browser would load, but when clicking on any of the tabs on the facebook fan page would cause the app to crash.

We discovered that Facebook updated their web code in a way that was causing our app to crash when navigating to these other sections. We have repaired this issue, and submitted updates for all of our apps that are now available in the store.

To update, simply visit the app store on your device or in iTunes, and update to the latest versions.

As always, please rate the apps again – each time a new update is released, Apple starts the “review” process over again. Thanks in advance!

iOS 4.2 update on iPad resolves playback issues.

Saturday, December 4th, 2010

If you remember a while back, we posted a blog entry where we described that YouTube video playback on an iPad (when running an iPhone/iPod app) was not working correctly.  Once playback started, the video was locked in portrait mode, and there was no way to exit the video once playback was finished.

As we described in this same blog entry, the iOS 4.2 update resolves this issue.  If you are using YouTube playback on the iPad, be sure to update your iPad to the new iOS 4.2 (available through iTunes).  Once your iPad is updated, videos will play back as expected.

Configuring Push Notifications

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Many people contact us and ask us how they can turn off badges for notifications (the little number on the app icon).  Some people want to leave badges on but disable the sounds or alerts when a push is received.

Configuring notification options like this is very easy, and it’s actually handled by way of the standard settings app that Apple provides on each and every iPhone, iPod, or iPad.

To configure push notifications, simply do the following:

Open Settings from the main screen, and select “Notifications”, as pictured below:

From this screen, choose the app for which you want to configure notification options:

Once you’re in the configure screen for the app you want, you can use the sliders to select which options you want enabled for push notifications for that app:

If Badges are on, when a push is received, you will see a number on the app icon indicating the number of videos that have been posted since the last time you opened the app.

If Sounds are on, the default alert sound will be played when a push is received.

If Alerts are on, when a push is received, an alert will be displayed (Similar to a SMS message) containing the name of the app, the name of the video, and the channel that the video was posted on.

Now you know how to configure push. Keep in mind, this is the standard way to configure push notifications – and will work with ANY app that supports push notifications. Some applications include additional menus with more detailed push notification options, however, this is the Apple approved standard way for users to interact with the push service.