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Having trouble logging in to YouTube?

Sunday, February 12th, 2012

Many of you have linked YouTube to your existing Google accounts.  Some have reported that they receive an error when they try to log in to their google account, despite being linked to YouTube.

With the recently added ability to “link” your account, YouTube now allows google account holders to rate/comment/subscribe to content without actually having a YouTube channel on their account.

We are working on an update to support these new “linked accounts” that are active on YouTube that do not have a YouTube channel, but, in the meantime – if you would like to login to YouTube using our app – simply add a channel to your account.  It’s free, takes only a couple seconds, and it doesn’t mean you have to start uploading videos.

To add a channel to your YouTube-Linked google account, simply visit the Create Channel page on YouTube by clicking here:

Once you add a channel, you can use all of the YouTube specific functionality in our apps without issue.

Wheezy Waiter Official is out!

Sunday, February 12th, 2012

Just wanted to post a quick note to announce the arrival to another awesome YouTube talent to our lineup of apps.  Wheezy’s comedic intellect is infectious and he has quickly grown a large following on YouTube.  If you are a fan of “The Bearded One” – you will love this new addition to our suite of apps.

To download now, simply visit the “More Apps” page inside of any of our apps (usually on the “More” tab), use the links found on the right side of our home page, or simply click here.

As with all of our apps – this new addition features all of Wheezy’s social streams and YouTube channels, and includes the ability to partake in any of the YouTube community features you love, as well as share your favorite content to all of your friends.  We hope you enjoy this latest addition!