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PhillyD Official tops the charts in Canada!

Monday, May 17th, 2010

As of my last check at 3:00AM Eastern Time, PhillyD Official has reached the number one spot for free news apps in Canada’s iTunes app store.  It’s also moved to the #6 spot in the news in the U.S. App store – moving ahead of USA Today in downloads for Sunday!

The purpose of this post was not to boast (well, maybe a little ;)), but rather to take a moment to say thank you very much for taking the time to download our app.  While reaching the top of the charts is not something that is new to Phil – it’s very new to GeekUtils and I’m excited to see the response.  We hope you are enjoying the app, and we welcome your comments, questions, and feature suggestions.  Feel free to contact us via the “About” tab inside any of our apps – we’ll do our best to respond to each and every request we receive.

Thanks Again!

PhillyD Official is burning the charts!

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

Our official app for Philip DeFranco’s content stream is flying up the charts this weekend in the app store. Phil announced the app at the end of his Friday video (entitled “Selling Virgins”) and as of 10:15PM eastern standard time this evening, it’s sitting squarely in the #7 spot in downloads today in the Free News apps category.

This is huge! This means that for the time being, PhillyD Official has surpassed downloads of apps for DIGG, CBS News, Time Mobile, ABC News, The Onion, MSNBC.COM, the Discovery Channel, Mashable! and the Wall Street Journal. This speaks volumes as to the general acceptance and credibility of new media and social networking in the grand scheme of the daily news world.

Go DeFranco Nation, Go! Keep downloading 😉 I’m hoping that we can keep up the trend. Spread the word, tell your friends about the app, and use the Share functionality inside the app to share Phil’s content to your friends and spread awareness of the app. Also, don’t forget to login using your YouTube account and subscribe/rate/follow/favorite Phil’s content stream!

I’m very appreciative for the opportunity to work with Phil on this awesome app – and appreciative to those of you in the DeFranco Nation who have now downloaded and are using the product. For information on new releases and news from GeekUtils – please follow us on Twitter ( and/or check the developer blog view inside the app.

If you have not downloaded the app yet – please do so by clicking here or by searching for PhillyD Official in the app store.

Latest Updates now available

Friday, May 14th, 2010

The x.x.1 micro updates of all of our vlogger apps are now available. These updates address errors that could occur in previous versions when posting replies to comments on YouTube videos. To update, please visit the app store and check for updates.

Updates are available… more coming ;)

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

On Friday, May 7 – the updates we previously announced for our unofficial apps became available for download in the app store.  If you have downloaded our apps since May 7, you’re already up to date.  If you are a long-time user of our products – check the app store.  You can also look at the “About” tab in each app to check the versions.

Revision levels for these apps are now:

  • Unofficial iJustine v1.8
  • Unofficial ShayTards v1.2
  • Unofficial Shane Dawson TV v1.5
  • Unofficial AnnoyingOrange v1.3

We also have submitted a further update to each of our vlogger apps that should be available sometime soon.  This minor update fixes an issue that causes an error to occur only when you are posting a reply to a comment on a YouTube video.  YouTube changed the format of comment IDs, and our code required an update to comply to this new format.

Look for the “.1” updates later this week (for example, Unofficial iJustine will update from v1.8 to v1.8.1).  We are committed to providing all of our customers with the best error and crash free experience with all of our apps, and this update will help us further ensure we are meeting our goals and your expectations.

Thank you for using our apps!  And remember to check out our latest products using the “More Apps” tab in any of our apps!

Several Updates are Coming…

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

I’ve submitted several new updates to some of our existing apps – these will be available in the app store as soon as they are approved:

  • Unofficial ShayTards v1.2 – Small graphic enhancements and added ShayCarl’s DailyBooth stream.
  • Unofficial AnnoyingOrange v1.3 – Small graphic enhancements, fixed the store (DaneBoe has switched from District Lines to SpreadShirt), and added a viewer for DailyBooth.
  • Unofficial iJustine v1.8 – Small graphic enhancements and added DailyBooth and Blippy feeds.
  • Unofficial Shane Dawson TV v1.5 – Small graphic enhancements and added a viewer for his blog, added his “Shane” iPhone YouTube channel, and added his dailybooth stream.

We’re looking forward to releasing these to the app store and will let everyone know as soon as they are approved via our twitter feed. If you’re not following us yet – why not?