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Shane Dawson’s Latest Video

Sunday, August 8th, 2010

A few of you have reported that Shane Dawson’s latest video is not available for playback in our unofficial Shane Dawson TV app.  We are aware of this issue, and unfortunately, it is beyond our control.

You will notice that it will not play in the built-in YouTube app, nor will it play on –  apparently, YouTube is having trouble processing the video, or something else is causing a delay in availability.

As soon as it is available to be played, it will automatically show up in our app.  We have notified @youtube of the problem and hope that they will have it resolved soon.

Home AND Back buttons?

Sunday, August 8th, 2010

We’ve gotten a few e-mails asking what the difference between the “Home” and “Back” button are on our wordpress blog view and/or twitter views in our app.

Once you browse away from the initial page loaded, the back button will allow you to travel back through the additional content you browse.  The back button will not, however, take you back to the initial view (these are not web pages that exist on the web – they are internal to the app) – so we added a Home button that will always load the initial view.

Example?  You’re looking at the twitter feed in the CTFxC app, and charles posts a link to another web page.  You click that link and browse to that page.  Subsequently, you click another link and travel to a second page.  Pressing the back button will take you to the first page you browsed to from Charles’ link.

Pressing the back button again will do nothing – this is where the home button comes in.  Pressing “Home” will return you back to the twitter feed.

No matter where you are, how far you are away from the root page, the HOME button always takes you back to the beginning, intended purpose for the current tab.

Thanks for the questions – remember, if you have a question, suggestion, or you just want to say hi – drop us a note using the contact button in the “About” feature of the “More” tab of any of our apps to send us a note.  You can also follow us on twitter (@geekutils) or on youtube ( for the latest updates with our apps.

StirFryTV app released!

Saturday, August 7th, 2010

Our official app for the stirfryTV gang is now available in the app store.  These guys do a great job of discovering, interviewing, and showcasing YouTube talent.  If you’re the type of person who loves to find great new content on YouTube, this app is for you.

We’d like to thank stirfryTV for giving us the chance to build their official app, and we thank the fans who have already downloaded!

To download the app if you are already inside one of our other apps – simply go to the “More Apps” section of the “More” Tab.  If you are anywhere else – click here or visit to download.

What are we working on?

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

Unfortunately, I’ve been completely inundated with requests and have been hard at work on some new features we hope to release to the masses very soon – I’m afraid I’ve neglected the blog a little.

Just wanted to provide a quick update on what I’m working on for our apps at the moment:

  • Push Notifications – I mentioned earlier in July that I was working on adding push support into our apps.  This is a parallel development effort to the standard release track of our apps (incremental feature additions, bug fixes, etc) – so it’s been taking a little longer than expected, but is definitely in the works.  Our goal is to hopefully have a APNS compliant push notification server of our own functional by the end of this month, with updates to all of our apps to come around the same time.
  • iTunes / YouTube links – It is our goal to provide a unified experience across a particular social media footprint.  We’ve noticed that many of our content partners commonly provide links to other YouTube channels and iTunes in their descriptions.  We are performing some updates so that when possible, these links do not load secondary experiences.  For YouTube, the channels will be loaded in our common framework.  For iTunes / App Store links, you’ll be taken to the app store.
  • Universal Binary (iPad Support).  Apple threw us a curveball with compatibility issues between iOS 4.0 and iPhone OS 3.2.  For some reason, when playing videos using the device’s built-in player on an iPad, the user remains “stuck” in portrait mode.  Additionally, they are left without a clean exit back to the video detail page.  We are working on a universal version of all of our apps to provide the experience people desire on the iPad.
  • More Apps – We’ve got a couple of exciting applications that will be added to our lineup shortly.  We continue to be humbled by the reaction from fans of our apps, and are indebted to the awesome content creators who have allowed us to build apps for their content.  We’ll have more to share as these apps are released to the app store.

This is the “short list” of things that I’m working on adding into our apps.  We hope that you enjoy everything we’ve released so far, you enjoy the updates, and continue to support our products.

For the latest updates, follow us on twitter (@geekutils) or on YouTube (

Thanks for the downloads!

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

We were impressed again today to see that our official apps for Joe Nation TV and KevJumba were listed in the new and noteworthy category in the iTunes app store.  Along with that, our apps for CTFxC, OlgaKay, and our unofficial app for ShayTards were the top three picks in “What’s Hot” in social networking.

We can’t thank everyone enough for the downloads, and we cannot possibly thank our content partners enough for allowing us to provide apps for their content.  Thanks Everyone!