Updated apps are now available!

Unofficial iJustine v1.3 and Unofficial Shane Dawson v1.1 are now available for download in the app store.  Note: We just got notification from Apple, so it may take a couple of hours before you see that an update is available on your device.

These versions include a couple of small bug fixes, but most importantly, include full YouTube community integration.  This means you can login with your YouTube account and rate videos, subscribe to the channels, view/post/reply to comments, and mark videos as favorites.

Of course, this only extends our already included support to share videos via e-Mail and Facebook.  Now it’s even easier to share your favorite videos with friends a number of different ways.

Please let us know if any of you run into any issues, we’d love to work with you to make sure everything is working exactly like you’d expect it to.  You can use the “Contact Developer” link on the “About” tab in the app to send us an e-mail any time!

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