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Because we are offering our applications to users free (and by free, we also mean advertisement free) – the only gratification we receive for our hard work are positive reviews.  The overwhelming number of reviews that we have gathered so far are excellent (5 stars, thank you!) but we want to hear from more of you.  If you are enjoying our applications, please take a moment to rate them.  Remember, each new version can (and should) be re-rated.  If you would like to leave a comment that is great too, but simply rating each version on the star scale is helpful for us to know we are going in the right direction.  To rate the apps now, please follow the appropriate link in the bottom of this message.

If you are having troubles with our apps, or if something just is not working right, Please – Contact us using the “Contact Developer” link in the About tab in any of our apps.  We would love to work with you to find out how we can make the app better for you,  because this also helps us to understand how our applications are behaving “in the field”, and helps us to improve the experience for everyone.

THANK YOU for being a cusotmer!

If you are on your iPhone or iPod touch, use the “More Apps” Tab in our app to automatically launch into our page in the app store to rate our apps.

If you are on a Computer, please click here to rate our Unofficial Shane Dawson app, or click here to rate our Unofficial iJustine app.

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