Latest Framework Updates Complete

Just a quick note to let everyone know that the first two apps on our updated framework have been reviewed and approved by Apple and are now available in the app store.

We are currently in the process of updating all of our apps to use this updated framework, and they will be released into the app store very shortly.

This latest version of our framework includes some small bug fixes (Posting Replies to Comments is now fixed, for example), but also a couple of great new features.

The first new feature worth mentioning is Twitter integration for iOS 5.0 and greater.  As many of you already know, iOS5 has built-in functionality for your twitter account.  If you have twitter configured on your device, our new framework takes advantage of this and allows you to easily tweet your favorite videos, blog entries, or spread shirt merchandise to your followers.

The way it works is simple.  You must have iOS5.0 or greater on your device, and you must have twitter configured.  If you do, a new option will appear under “Share” options from the Actions Menu called “Share to Twitter” like this:

When you select “Share via twitter” – you are presented with the standard iOS twitter posting mechanism – and the content to share will automatically be attached to your tweet.   It will look like this:

The app will insert some “default” text, but you can change this text to whatever you want.  If you have more than one twitter user configured, you can even touch the username and choose which one you wish the tweet to originate from.

The second feature is something that we believe is very cool and helps to “show the love” to your favorite content creators.  One of the most famous phrases on YouTube is “Make sure you hit subscribe, favorite, and like this video if you enjoyed it”.  Of course, via the actions button – you have always been able to perform any of these functions – but this new feature makes one of them automatic.

Auto-Like is a new feature that we hope everyone will start using.  In this latest framework, when you use the Actions / Rate button to “Like” a video, you will be presented with a new screen that allows you to enable Auto-Like for a channel.  This new screen looks like this:

If you choose Ask Later – the app will automatically ask you the next time you like a video as well.  If you choose YES, then every time you look at a new video, the app will automatically register a LIKE with YouTube for you.  If you choose NO, the app will simply behave just as it always has in the past.

It’s important to note that even though the app will automatically “like” every video for you, you can always change your mind and manually “DISLIKE” a video.  YouTube only allows one vote per person, so – even if you vote more than once, your most recent vote is the only vote that counts.

Also – Auto-Like works on a PER CHANNEL basis.  So, if you are using PhillyD’s app, for example, he has multiple channels.  If you want to enable auto-like on all three, you need to enable it on each channel individually.

We hope that you enjoy these new features – these features are currently active in the latest version of the PhillyD and CTFxC apps – but very soon will be available in ALL of our apps.  Keep your eye out on the app store for availability.

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