PhillyD and CTFxC Updates Released

The first two apps to utilize our latest framework are now available in the app store.  Besides the new features mentioned in our previous post, there are several other changes worth noting:

PhillyD 2.7 Changes (Click here for app store):

  • The new SourceFed channel has been added into the app.
  • The “Store” page has been updated to
  • LTA and SPL are being phased out and are no longer part of the app.

CTFxC 2.7 Changes (Click here for app store):

  • New splash screen
  • Alli’s Twitter updated (from @AlliSpeed to @AlliTrippy)
  • Old Content Removed (Stache, Journal, DailyBooth, Flickr, Blippy)
  • New Content Added (Google+, Tumblr, Razzi)

To download any of these latest versions, simply use the links above, the icons on the right side of our homepage, or – if you already have the apps installed – simply visit the App Store and check for updates.


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