TypeCam Update is on the way.

Unfortunately, when Apple released iOS 4.3, a bug was introduced into the SDK responsible for controlling the camera.  This bug creates an issue in our TypeCam code with respect to scaling and shifting the camera.  Many of you have reported this issue to us, and we thank you for taking the time to contact us.

Our policy, traditionally, is to not alter our code if the bug is caused by the underlying development tools and not our codebase as in this case.  Unfortunately, we have reported the bug to Apple and despite the release of iOS 4.3.1 and 4.3.2 – the bug still exists.  Keep in mind, this bug does not just affect TypeCam, it affects any application which needs to manipulate the position of the camera viewport.

Since so much time has passed since 4.3 was released, and we still don’t have resolution, we have decided to code a workaround so that the app will function as expected.  We have submitted this update to Apple, and it should be in the store very soon.  If you are using 4.3.x, please update to this latest version.

We will post another update to this blog announcing the official release as soon as the app appears in the store, so please check back soon.

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