Videos Crashing out to “More” Screen on certain apps?

Some of our apps for popular YouTubers have so many channels that they don’t all fit on the main tab bar and spill over into the “More” view.  On these apps (CTFxC and iJustine, mainly), it has been reported to us that once a video starts on one of these “extra” channels, it will immediately exit back to the more screen.

This appears to be a new bug in the YouTube player itself.  Unfortunately, we do not control the code that drives the YouTube player (it’s built-in to the device) – but we are working to try to find a solution and/or the cause of the bug. 

If we find the cause of the bug, we will report it to Apple and will provide an updated version so long as the “update” to fix the issue does not cause potential issues with future releases of our software and future releases of iOS.

In the meantime, you can use the “Edit” feature on the “More” tab to reconfigure the tabs and move the channel you wish to watch to the main tab bar.  Once it’s on the main tab bar, videos will play as expected without exiting.

Check back to this page for updates – we hope to have more information as we head into the weekend.

As always, thank you goes to those of you who are enjoying our apps and take the time to contact us and let us know when things aren’t quite working as you expect.

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