Updates are coming….

Please make sure that you check this developer blog via the web or via our apps for the latest updates and news on what is coming. You can also use the “more apps” tab to monitor when new versions are up and coming and/or have been released. Of course, you can always check the app store as our updates will always be free and you will be notified when they are available.

In any case. As we have already promised – our updates that allow you to subscribe, rate, comment, and favorite videos using your YouTube account are almost ready for our final stages of testing. These will be available in the next release of the Unofficial iJustine AND Unofficial Shane Dawson apps. We are on track to have these updates completed this weekend and will submit them to Apple for review the first part of next week.

The update will be available as soon as they clear the app store approval process, so we recommend that you check back on the app store, our blog, or in the more apps tab in our apps next week for this major update. We will post again once the updates are available, or if there are any unforseen delays – so check back often to see what’s new 😉

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