No Videos? (updated 9:26PM EST)

We are getting reports that the video views are not showing any results. We are currently investigating the issue and will post an update shortly.

Updated 4:52PM EST, 2/4/10: We have contacted YouTube. The problem appears to be intermittent and is related to the YouTube API and not our application. We will have another update soon. Thanks for your patience!

Last Update 9:26PM EST, 2/4/10: The problems earlier seemed to stem from DNS issues that prevented our app from locating YouTube to retrieve video data. We will add meaningful error messages in the next release. For the time being, if your video listings appear blank, or if clicking “Load more” does not load any more videos and then disappears, take a break for a few minutes and then try again – it may be a similar intermittent network issue. If, after 20 minutes the error is persisting, please do not hesitate to contact us using the button in the “About” tab of your app and we will do our best to help.

Remember, the only way we can improve with each new release is to hear from you, our users. Getting frustrated, deleting the app, and giving us a bad review isn’t helpful ;). We’re always here to help!

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