Unplayable Videos in Blog View?

Video Not Available

If you have been using our iPhone/iPod app to view your favorite blogger’s content, you may have seen this icon before.

Some of you have asked what this means and why it occurs, so we wanted to post a quick explanation. In most cases, this means that the video that the blogger has uploaded is being processed and is not yet available on the mobile platform. You would also notice that if you went to your blogger’s web page or YouTube channel on your iPhone or iPod Touch – you would see the same result.

Please be patient, this does not mean that you will not be able to see the video. When a content provider uploads content to YouTube, they generally upload it in the highest quality possible (usually high definition). YouTube then takes this video once it’s received, and converts it to all of the other possible formats, bitrates, etc. This processing takes a variable amount of time depending on how many new videos were uploaded that day, server load, etc. Sometimes the mobile version will be available in a couple of hours, sometimes it takes a full day.

The beauty of our application is that it provides an easy way for you to share the video. If you find that your favorite blogger has posted content that you simply must see right away, but you receive the “processing” (or “not available”) image above, use the share button to e-mail it to yourself or post it to your facebook wall and then view it on your computer.

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