CTFxC Wedding is Official :)

Well, it’s official … the CTFxC wedding is complete and I’m sure for all who attended, it was amazing. Congrats to Charles and Alli – may they live a long, happy, and prosperous life together.

We have a couple of updates coming very soon for the CTFxC app. There are a couple of small bug fixes, but the best part is that the stache and journal will be up and running again from the app.

Stay tuned… the update will be submitted soon and should be available in the app store shortly!

P.S. thank you to all of you who tweeted with hash tag #CTFxCWedding after seeing our push notification earlier – we got the topic trending worldwide within 5 minutes of the push… that is truly awesome!!

For you CTFxC fanatics, here is a link to the engagement video for nostalgia 🙂


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