Issue with Latest update and iOS 3.x

A couple of people who still have not updated to iOS 4.x have reported to us that the latest updates for PhillyD Official, Unofficial AnnoyingOrange, and stirFryTV are not working correctly on their devices.

We are aware of the issue – and will include a fix for this in the updates we are submitting to Apple today (mentioned in yesterday’s blog post).

Unfortunately, iOS 4.x and iPhone OS 3.x are quite different from a developer’s perspective. Trying to support the latest and greatest iOS 4.0 features, while retaining compatibility with 3.x devices is a challenge sometimes.

Our apps have to have functionality that will work on one, but not on the other. Along with this functionality, we need to be aware of which version is running so that we don’t try to execute a routine designed for 4.x on a 3.x device.

We are usually very good about testing to ensure compatibility with older devices, unfortunately, in this scenario – we missed one case that will cause the app to crash on iPhone OS 3.x devices.

The updates will be available shortly – but in the meantime, consider upgrading to iOS 4.x if you are running a 3GS or 3rd generation iPod. Not only does iOS 4 run brilliantly on these devices – there are so many new features that it’s almost silly not to update.

Original iPhone and iPhone 3G users and users of the 1G and 2G iPods may want to hold off due to performance concerns – and this is understandable… but if you have any of the newer devices, you should consider updating.

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