Unofficial iJ – v1.2 available soon….

So – we’re excited that v1.2 of our “Unofficial iJustine Browser and Player” will be available soon. There are some minor bug fixes in this version, however, the most notable changes are as follows:

  • Minor User interface tweaks (Making the “Share” and “Action” buttons stand out a little more and fit nicely with the application theme.
  • Search Capability has been added to all of the mobile video screens.  The beauty is that the search actually filters only content on the channel chosen.  So if you are on the YouTube tab (which is iJustine’s main channel) and you search for “Cheeseburger”, you will only get results matching “cheeseburger” on her main channel.  This makes it even easier to locate her content and share it with your friends using the Facebook or eMail sharing options when you press the “Share” button.
  • We built an entirely new screen for browsing iJustine’s latest store items.  This list automatically features the latest 20 items that iJustine has released to her store.  You can view large images of each item, and use the Action button to share it with a friend via facebook or e-mail, or even go directly to the selected item in the store via a built-in browser.
  • We’ve added network status monitoring so that while you are moving – the number of listing results in the mobile video viewers will automatically be adjusted depending on what type of connection you have.  If you are connected via WiFi – 20 results are displayed with each fetch.  If you are on a cellular connection, 6 results are displayed with each fetch.  This has been done to keep the app responsive, quick, and fun to use.
  • We’ve added a screen for “Dev Blog” – which monitors the very blog you are reading now.  That way, you can always stay up to date with common issues, concerns, as well as new developments and features we are working on.

Of course – we always remind you to check the “More Apps” tab frequently to stay up-to-date with what is new from GeekUtils.  Stay tuned – this is only the beginning.

Click Here to download the Unofficial iJustine Browser and Player from iTunes

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