We will miss you, Steve Jobs.

I’m not one that is usually affected by the passing of a CEO.  As I sit here, tonight, however – typing this blog entry on my MacBook, looking at my bevy of iOS test devices, iPods, and other Apple hardware – it’s hard not to mourn the loss of such a visionary.

Whether you are an Apple fanboy or simply a lover of technology, there is no denying that Steve Jobs has had a profound effect on what we see as “technology” today.  Anything from complex computers that facilitate our livelihood, simple devices that keep us entertained with music, devices that plug into our TVs and play movies, or computer animated films we enjoy – Steve’s visionary leadership has played a role – Apple Product or not.

Tonight, more than ever, I understand that I am an example of this.  Even though the majority of my life prior to 2007 was spent developing products for the Microsoft world, I could easily argue that without Steve, I may not be on the career and life path that I am today.

If Steve hadn’t started Apple and hadn’t released the Apple IIe that my father purchased for me in grade school — I may have not had the *spark* that has led me to a life of computing.  If not for Steve’s passion to build technology that was easy for anyone to use – I might not have been able to get “hooked” at such a young age.  It was countless hours in Print Shop on that Apple IIe that led me to want to learn BASIC.  It was hundreds of hours spent on AppleLink (Later AOL) that led me to meet some great people online, from whom I would purchase my first MS-DOS based PC.  After that, it was tinkering with this MS-DOS based PC that led me to seek a major in Computer and Information Science, start working in a computer store, study programming theory, and become the developer I am today – doing the job I love.

Think about your history – what you’re doing today, maybe even what you “love”.  I’ll bet somewhere in there, Steve has played a role in your life too…  and you won’t have to dig far to find it.

It’s a sad day today, a day where I post this blog entry on a site for a company that I created, a company that only exists because of the products Steve conceptualized and developed….  a day where it’s impossible not to be affected by the loss of someone so important.

I can only express my emotion, sadness, and condolences to Steve’s friends and his Apple family with a notion adopted from his 2005 Stanford commencement speech….

“Thank you for connecting the dots.”

Rest in Peace, Steve.

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  1. SkippyThorson says:

    Very well written. I can say the same as you, that if it weren’t for a little indirect nudge by Steve and all that Apple did, I wouldn’t be where I am today. What an enormous loss. He will be forever missed.

  2. laura says:

    I miss him too.
    Beautifully written.
    Thank you.

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