Push Notification Delays

Several of you have reported that the push notifications on some of our popular apps appear to be delayed.  We’ve done some research, and we can see delays in push notification times so we wanted to explain what is happening.

In order to send you push notifications about “new videos”, our server has to be aware of them.  To do this, our server periodically checks YouTube to see if there are any new videos for the channels that we cover with our apps.  When a content creator posts a new video, it takes a variable period of time before that video begins appearing in YouTube’s data feeds – the feeds we use to get video information.

It appears that around August 30, the time between a content creator “publishing” a new video, and the time that it begins appearing in YouTube’s feeds has increased.  Unfortunately, since this is internal to the YouTube feeds – we cannot do anything about this ourselves.  We have reported the issue to our contacts at YouTube and hope that there is something that they can fix on their end to bring the Push Notification delays back down to the level that they were prior to August 30.

We’ll keep monitoring the delays, and hope that they get better soon.  We will post further updates as things progress.

As always, thank you for using our apps and thank you to those have reported this to us using the “Contact” feature in all of our apps!

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