Thanks for an exciting first year!

On January 17, 2010, we launched our first app into the app store – Unofficial iJustine.  At this time, I had developed an app to watch some of my favorite YouTube celebs in a convenient and easy to use interface – mainly because I was not happy with the built-in YouTube player on my iPhone.

I decided to put it in the store because I figured that others might enjoy what I had created, and thought it would be a good way to generate buzz for my newly created “GeekUtils” brand.  I am so thrilled that so many people are now enjoying the apps I have created, and that so many awesome content creators have contacted me to provide their official apps.

In one short year, I have gone from a single free app in the store to sixteen!  Of these sixteen, 12 are official applications for talented YouTube personalities with content varying from the traditional blog to short films that rival what cable and network television has to offer.

Across these 16 free apps, there have been almost 355,000 downloads – and daily usage continues to climb.  We currently see about 65,000 unique sessions in our apps every day – on average, that’s more than one app launch every two seconds.

Additionally, most of our free apps have consistently remained in the “whats hot” section of the Social Networking app category in iTunes – an awesome achievement that keeps a smile on my face – all thanks to all of you.

In one short year, there have been almost 12 million sessions in our suite of applications – this is so exciting to me and I thank each and every one of you who have taken the time to check out our apps, rate them in the store, and provide feedback so we can continue to make them even better.

Additionally, I would like to thank each of you who have taken the time to purchase any one of our paid apps – AutoTV, GamerTV, Education TV, or TypeCam.  These four apps are our bread and butter – and sales of these apps are the only means we can fund future development of our free applications.  If you have not downloaded one of these yet, please take a moment to check them out.  Each of them is only 99 cents, and they definitely are worth every penny.

Once again – thank you for an incredible year – I’m excited to continue this awesome trend this year, and look forward to providing new apps and supporting new platforms in 2011.  Cheers 🙂

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