PhillyD, AnnoyingOrange, and stirfryTV App Updates Available

Thanks to an awesomely fast response by Apple, the updates we mentioned yesterday for PhillyD, AnnoyingOrange, and stirFryTV are now available in the app store.

The actual versions are as follows:

PhillyD Official 2.2.2
Unofficial AnnoyingOrange 2.2.2
stirfryTV 1.2.2

NOTE: To determine if you have the latest version of any of our applications, you can simply view the “About” tab (on most apps, this is located on the “More” tab) – the version you have is listed in the lower right corner of the screen.

These updates resolve the issue that some were seeing on older devices running iPhone OS 3.x. If you are using iPhone OS 3.x, please download these as soon as possible to get you back up and enjoying the experience you have always enjoyed from our apps.

To download the update, please simply launch the app store on your device and the updates should appear. If they do not yet appear, please be patient – it takes up to 24 hours from the launch of an update for it to be available in all countries via the app store.

If you gave the previous update a negative review in the app store due to the playback bug, please take a couple of seconds to re-rate the application after the fix. We appreciate your patience and thank you in advance!

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