App updates on the way again ;)

Shortly after the release of our last set of updates, several people using iPhones reported a bug to us that would cause video playback to stop when a SMS message was received.

Unlike the twitter outage we recently experienced, this particular bug was due to an update that we made to our framework. We responded quickly thanks to the users who reported the bug to us and submitted updates to all of our apps to Apple earlier this week.

At the time of this writing, these updated versions have been released to the app store for the PhillyD Official, Unofficial AnnoyingOrange, and stirfryTV apps.

The remainder of the apps updates should be available very soon (As quickly as they can be approved for the app store, they will be available to you) – if you are using an iPhone, keep your eye out for the latest updates to resolve this issue.

For iPad and iPod users, this update is not as critical because it only contains a fix for a bug that occurs when SMS are received during video playback. We do, however, always recommend that all users of our apps always stay up to date with the latest versions, so please install them once they are released regardless of the type of device you are using.

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