PhillyD Official tops the charts in Canada!

As of my last check at 3:00AM Eastern Time, PhillyD Official has reached the number one spot for free news apps in Canada’s iTunes app store.  It’s also moved to the #6 spot in the news in the U.S. App store – moving ahead of USA Today in downloads for Sunday!

The purpose of this post was not to boast (well, maybe a little ;)), but rather to take a moment to say thank you very much for taking the time to download our app.  While reaching the top of the charts is not something that is new to Phil – it’s very new to GeekUtils and I’m excited to see the response.  We hope you are enjoying the app, and we welcome your comments, questions, and feature suggestions.  Feel free to contact us via the “About” tab inside any of our apps – we’ll do our best to respond to each and every request we receive.

Thanks Again!

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