Gamer TV v1.0 Released to App Store

We are happy to announce that on Monday, Gamer TV was released for sale in the app store.  This first version contains video feeds from over 90 popular gaming video sources to provide over 45,000 videos for the gaming fanatic.  Anything from app reviews to trailers for new games, this new app is sure to keep you entertained.

As with our other apps – each individual “channel” automatically loads all of the latest video from the source the moment it’s touched.  This means that you have access to the videos as soon as each content provider has uploaded them and they are published for viewing!

On top of this, there is a “Search” tab, which searches the entire gaming category on YouTube and returns the results relavent to your keyword from newest to oldest.  No more do you have to fumble with the iPhone’s built-in YouTube player and sift through hundreds of results to find the newest ones – we’ve done it for you.

Additionally, just like all of the other apps based on our Vlogger framework, you have the ability to log in with your YouTube account and rate/comment/subscribe and favorite any content you like so that it will automatically show up in your YouTube account when you return to your computer.

If you are already using one of our apps to read this post, simply navigate to the “More Apps” function and press the Gamer TV link to download.

If you are reading this post from a computer, please click this link to open iTunes and go directly to the app in the app store.

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