Updated Apps available (Service Releases).

As of last night/this morning, you would notice that there are pending updates  available in the app store for apps using our Vlogger framework.   The new updates carry the following versions:

  • Unofficial iJustine 1.6
  • Unofficial SDTV 1.4
  • Unofficial PhillyD 1.4
  • Unofficial AnnoyingOrange 1.2
  • Unofficial ShayTards 1.1

There is no new functionality in these releases, however, we are recommending that everyone update to these new versions.  In these latest versions, we have slightly optimized the session-resume procedure for those who have saved their YouTube credentials, and we have fixed two small (and rare) issues with the login process that cause our framework to misbehave.

Please update to these latest versions to ensure you’re up to date with our newest code!  Also, you can check the version of the app(s) running on your device at any time by looking at the “About” screen (usually on the “More” tab).  The applciation name and version are shown there.  Compare that with the versions that are seen in the “More Apps” screen – which always reflects our latest versions, to determine if you are up to date.

Thanks for using our products!

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