Unofficial iJ App Now Available


Unofficial iJ ScreenShot

Well, it’s official.  Our first project entitled “Unofficial iJustine – Browser and Player” has made it’s way into iTunes and is now available for iPod Touch and iPhone customers worldwide.  For those of you who don’t know who iJustine is – well, you’re missing out.  She is an up and coming vlogger, sketch comedianne, techno geek, mac addict, and all around cool gal.  We’ve been following her now for quite some time, and noticed that there isn’t really a good way to follow her particular combination of content easily from one conveniant app.

In steps our new app.  We think it’s a really cool little app and plan on reusing the codebase to support other popular internet phenoms like iJustine.  This first iteration is basically a read-only version that we are using to test the waters and track the popularity of such an app.  We are already working on v1.2 and v1.3 (v1.1 was the initial launch to the store) – which will add new functionality that allows you to rate and comment the vlogger’s youtube content.  This functionality will be very important to the future success of the application, because one of the key ways that bloggers/vloggers use to communicate with their fan base is the comment system.  Additionally, we plan to replace the twitter feed functionality in this next version with a newer, faster version.

The goal of this series of apps is to allow you to follow your favorite blogger or vlogger and all of the media outlets that they may utilize from a single place.  Are you an iJustine fan?  Are you curious as to who she is – check out our app – we think you’ll like what you see!  If you want to see what iJustine is up to – visit her website by clicking here.

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