Let the iOS7 / iPhone 5 app updates…. begin :)

We are in the process of updating all of our apps for iOS7 and the larger screen size of the iPhone 5.  We are going through each app starting with the most popular, and working through them all.

The first app to receive the fruits of these changes is PhillyD Official.  To download, use the links to the right on the homepage.  The app updates feature the following:

  • Twitter widget replaced with a normal Twitter view
  • All orientations are supported
  • All screen resolutions supported
  • iOS6 and iOS7 are currently supported.  The next update will likely only support iOS7 – so if you have not updated yet, please do.  There are user interface elements right now which are not optimal – but are necessary to support both iOS6 and 7.  We would eventually like to work this in to an app that is better designed to support only the latest and greatest, however 🙂
  • MANY bug fixes and performance enhancements

Enjoy!  We will slowly be releasing updates to the other apps in the coming days as they are completed.

6 Responses to “Let the iOS7 / iPhone 5 app updates…. begin :)”

  1. noli says:

    hoping for soon updated CTFxC app 🙂

  2. Kca3kids says:

    Shaytards app upgrade to ios7 asap please!!!

  3. Kca3kids says:

    Please hurry with Shaytards for iOS 7!

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