Peter Chao Official Released!

Thanks to an awesome referral by Charles Trippy, we’re happy to announce that we have partnered with Peter Chao to provide the Official Peter Chao application into the app store!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Peter, he’s a talented comic that produces hilarious sketch comedy videos and vlogs on YouTube.  He’s had nearly 100 million video views, nearly 18 million channel views, and he has over 570,000 subscribers on his main YouTube channel.

The Official Peter Chao application is available now in the iOS App Store (iPhone/iPod/iPad) and gives you easy and convenient access to:

  • Watch videos on either of Peter’s popular YouTube Channels
  • See his latest tweets on twitter.
  • Check out what’s new on his facebook fan page.
  • See the latest merchandise in both of Peter’s online stores

Also – as with all of our other apps, this new addition includes quick and easy access to our Developer Blog, App Listing, and an “About” tab where you can offer your feedback and suggestions – all three of these awesome features are right on the “More” tab within the app.

To download, simply click or touch here, use the application grid on the right side of our homepage at, or use the “More Apps” view in any of our existing apps for a quick and easy way to get directly to the app listing.

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