Upcoming iPad update fixes YouTube issues.

We’ve updated our in-house iPad development devices to the iOS 4.2 beta that is distributed to developers prior to the public (for compatibility testing) and we’ve got some great news!

Many of you have reported to us that when running our apps on the iPad, videos only play in portrait mode, and once the video is done – you are unable to exit back to the app without crashing out to the home screen.

This bug was initially reported to us right after the 3.2.x updates to the iPad, and we were able to duplicate the issue.  Unfortunately, there was nothing that we could do about it.  The issue was native to the iPad’s YouTube player when running in iPhone mode.  Unfortunately, because it was a device issue, we were unable to make any corrective changes in our application to resolve this issue.

The great news is that this bug appears to be fixed in iOS 4.2!!!  Once Apple releases this latest new version (rumored to be sometime this month) – all you have to do is update to 4.2 in order to fix this longstanding issue.

We thank you for your patience, and appreciate that you iPad users have stuck with us while this bug was being worked out by the talented minds at Apple.

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