Two NEW Apps Released!

Like we described in the video on our YouTube channel the other day, the reception of our apps has been amazing and we’ve gotten the chance to work with some really talented people who have taken a chance on us by allowing us to provide their official apps into the app store.

We’re very happy to announce two new apps, released today, that are available now in the app store.  The first is JoeNationTV Official, and the second one is KevJumba Official.  We’ve been amazed by the cinematic quality of Joe’s videos for quite some time, and we laugh out loud constantly to Kev’s videos and love his philanthropic spirit.

We’re honored to announce these two official additions to our app lineup.  To download, just do the following:

  • If you are already in one of our apps, just go to the “More” view, then pick “More Apps”, and then touch the app you want to download to automatically go to the app store.
  • If you are on our website, both apps have been added to “the grid” on the right side of our homepage at

Thanks Joe and Kevin and thank you to all of the loyal fans for downloading!  We hope you all enjoy the new additions!

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