Latest update and the iPad

A few of you have reported to us that our latest updates to our apps will only play videos in Portrait orientation on the iPad.  We have been able to duplicate the issue and are looking for resolution.

The YouTube player that we use to play the video is the one that is built-in to the device, so we have not changed any code here.  The only thing that we can assume is that there is some form of an incompatibility between our apps built for iOS 4.0 when running on the iPad’s iPhone OS 3.2.

We have run testing on many other devices of varying firmware versions and all devices work fine in portrait or landscape mode with the exception of the iPad.

We’ll keep you posted as we look into this to see if we can push out an update that resolves this issue.  In the meantime, if you are using an iPad, you may want to hold off on the update(s)

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