Using our apps on iPad? Please Read ;)

As the iPad grows in popularity, we are aware that a growing number of you are now using our iPhone apps on the iPad. There are a couple of quirks we have uncovered that you should keep in mind for any third party apps like ours that you run in iPhone mode on the iPad.

  • When you update an application, and that application’s icon has changed – the new icon will not be reflected on the iPad’s home screen until you reboot. In general, we believe it is a good idea to restart your iPhone/iPod/iPad periodically – so once you have installed application updates is a good time to reboot to ensure everything – including your icons, are updated. At the present time, this only appears to be the case on iPhone OS 3.2 and 4.0. We have reported this to Apple Engineers, and hope to have resolution in the future.
  • When you playback YouTube videos from inside any third party app, you may notice that the status bar disappears and the contents of the screen appear to “shift” downward. This doesn’t cause an issue with usability – and most people won’t notice this issue. If you go to post a comment you will notice that the keyboard pops up in landscape mode, even though the app is running in portrait mode. This is due to a small issue within the YouTube player that is built into the device itself, and we have reported this as a bug to Apple Engineers, and hope to have resolution in the future.

Both of these issues are outside of our control. We appreciate the time that some of you have taken to report these to us, and appreciate your patience while all parties involved work to resolve them.

Keep up the great work in keeping us in tune with your experiences! We will keep you updated and will let you know as soon as these two issues are resolved.

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