Updates for iOS6 and the new iPhone 5 coming.

We are in the process of updating our apps to work better with the new features of iOS6 and the new screen size of the iPhone5.  Stay tuned for future updates.

Also, as an aside, we have reached a point where future updates of the app may no longer be able to support very old versions of iOS (3.x, for example).  We may need to restrict our apps to run only on iOS5 / iOS6.

We will do everything we can to continue to support the old devices while providing the best experience on iOS5 and 6.   We would, however, encourage any users using an old version of iOS to update their devices to ensure the best experience with ALL apps (not just ours).

9 Responses to “Updates for iOS6 and the new iPhone 5 coming.”

  1. I’d like to thank everyone who made it possible for me to be the one millionth person to complain about no Android apps.

    • geekutils says:

      Sorry – we do not currently build android apps… We started to get into development for them a while back – and found the OS too cumbersome and the fragmentation and device count too great to support. Keep in mind that we don’t have tons of money, this is a hobby for us.. At the same time, we refuse to do anything half-baked. Without significant investment in devices, etc – we cannot release an android product we’d be happy with….

  2. Kirk says:

    Thanks, I love your PhillyD app and have been hoping to see an update for Iphone5 to take advantage of the new resolution for the video width.

  3. T Wil says:

    How’s this coming? Philip Defranco app is not iOS ready without iPhone 5 full screen support.

  4. Chris Rofique says:

    You guys done yet? Waiting for the Tobuscus app to run properly on my iPhone 5. :3

  5. geekutils says:

    Yes, we are still working on this. Unfortunately, we have full time jobs outside of the hobby of providing these apps for you – so time is limited. We are currently targeting a new update that not only supports the higher resolution of the iPhone 5 – it also will be a better fit for the upcoming release of iOS7.

  6. Fanbuscus says:

    Some problems need to be addressed:
    1) Crashing-
    This hasn’t happened to me a lot, but it still does crash occasionally. Some people are unable to access the app.

    2) Restarting video-
    When I leave the app to reply to a text or whatever, and come back to the video, it restarts. This is especially frustrating in long videos.

    If you do fix these things, I guarantee that more people will rate 5 stars.

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