Wow – Long Time No Update

Fortunately for us, all of our apps are stable and our users love them.  Our last post to this site, however, was in April – which may lead one to believe that we are not working on enhancements.

No updates on this site, however, doesn’t mean that we aren’t working on the next-gen products.  Right now, we are currently evaluating how iOS6 is going to affect our apps, and how we may leverage new features in iOS6 to make the experience inside our apps even better.  We are also currently evaluating some new playback mechanisms that would get us away from the terrible lag and buffering issues that seem to plague the built-in YouTube player on iOS devices more often than not.

We hope to have some updates for you soon – in the meantime, if you encounter an issue, or have feature suggestions – please don’t hesitate to send them our way. 🙂

3 Responses to “Wow – Long Time No Update”

  1. Andi Muharemi says:

    Please add the MyMusic channel to the Fine Brothers app.

  2. David Chehebar says:

    Wheezy waiter app stopped working iOS 4 as of today

    • geekutils says:

      No it didn’t. Are you on an iPod? If so, did your battery go completely dead? If the time and timezone are not set right on your device it cannot play videos. I just checked the app on every version of iOS in our lab and it’s working fine.

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