Partial Outage – 4/21/2012

We are moving our servers to a new location on Saturday, 4/21/2012 so portions of our services will be unavailable.

All of our YouTube apps will still list and play videos fine, but the following services will be unavailable beginning around 1:30PM Eastern Time:

  • Push Notifications – Push notifications will not work until our server comes back online in it’s new location.  Once everything is back online, it will push notifications for any videos posted during the downtime.   In the meantime, simply check your app(s) periodically through the day – if any new videos are posted, they will be listed and available for playback
  • will be unavailable during the outage
  • eMail – All of our eMail addresses will be unavailble as the servers are moved to their new location.  If you attempt to contact us and the email is bounced back to you, please try again on Sunday 4/22.
  • DEV BLOG (the tab inside all of our apps) – This tab reads and will be unavailable until the servers are back online
  • MORE APPS (tab inside all of our apps) – This tab connects to our server to get it’s application listing and will be unavailable until the servers are back online

We currently plan to be back online by midnight eastern time as a worst case scenario, and we hope to be back online much sooner.  We thank you for your patience while we move our servers to a location which will help us to continue our trend of growth in the long term.

3 Responses to “Partial Outage – 4/21/2012”

  1. Matthijs says:

    Next time when you do a push notification for this, please think about the time it goes out. The notification about this was in the middle of the night in Europe

    • geekutils says:

      Our apps are installed on devices worldwide. Unfortunately, there will always be somewhere, some timezone – where the time we choose is inconvenient…. I apologize if the app notification caused any disruption…. Keep in mind that you can always configure *ANY* app to not utilize sounds (but still receive push notifications) in the device’s settings menu.

      • Matthijs says:

        I know, but disabling the sound kind of defeats the purpose of the apps for most people. The best time for notifications is 3pm PDT, then you have the least inconvenience as possible for most of the users (it’s 6pm EDT, 12am CEST, 7am JST, 8am EST)

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