iJustine’s Website Feed is Down

You may have noticed that when you load the Unofficial iJustine app, the Mobile tab is reporting an error. This tab works by reading the WordPress feed on iJustine’s site (not the feedburner feed). For some reason, the wordpress feed is reporting an error. Until this error is resolved, the mobile tab will not function.

The workaround is to use the “Web” tab. In the default configuration, the Web tab is located on the more tab. Of course, remember that you can always edit which buttons show up on the main tab bar by using the Edit function from the more screen.

Because we do not have a quick way to contact iJustine (other than her super busy public contact mechanisms) – we can not provide an ETA for when this will be repaired.

When the feed is back up and running, we will post again on this blog. Thanks for using our apps!

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