UPDATED: Push Notification Delays for Mike Tompkins App

UPDATED 12/29/2010 5:00PM EST: This issue has been resolved.  Push notifications for Mike Tompkins’ content should now be functioning normally.  Thanks for your patience!

—– (Original Post included below)  ——–

Unlike most of our apps for YouTube content creators that monitor different “channels” for new videos, our Mike Tompkins official app uses new technology that we have created to monitor “playlists” for new videos. While this doesn’t sound much different, it’s an entirely different mechanism in place for sending push notifications for Mike’s content.

We’ve found a slight bug that caused the process to miss Mike’s latest new videos. We have manually sent a push notification to let anyone using the app know that there are new videos – but the notifications were not as “Immediate” as everyone is used to with our suite of apps.

We are working on fixing the issue now – and soon, push notifications for Mike’s content will be immediate just like the other apps we have in the store. Important Note – this bug is on the server side – once it’s repaired it will automatically work – you will not be required to update the app that you have already installed. We’ll update this posting as soon as the issue is resolved.

Thanks for your patience, and Happy Holidays!

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