Unplayable Videos???

So – in our last couple of posts we have discussed problems where videos are not available for playback in our apps, or on mobile devices in general.  It seems that YouTube has something going on that is causing uploaded videos to default to “Disabled” for mobile syndication.

When a video is “disabled” for mobile – our app cannot play it.  Of course, neither can m.youtube.com, the android YouTube player, or the iPhone/iPod YouTube player.

Unfortunately, it seems that this is happening without the knowledge of the vloggers who are posting content.  Yesterday, we found that the latest video from PhillyD was disabled for mobile and Phil’s crew corrected the issue.

Other apps currently affected are the Unofficial Shane Dawson TV app as well as the Unofficial iJustine app.  We’ve attempted to contact iJustine and Shane via Twitter, but as you can imagine – our messages have gotten lost in the shuffle.

If you enjoy watching videos from your favorites on mobile devices, and you notice this happening – let them know!  We’re pretty sure that they are not even aware that YouTube is preventing their videos from playing back on mobile.

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