A quick thank-you.

I just wanted to take a moment to say a quick thanks to everyone who has downloaded and are enjoying our apps. Tonight, GeekUtils again made it into the “What’s Hot” feature section in the App Store in the Social Networking and News categories.  Definitely proof positive that an indie developer can indeed make it in the app store.

I am humbled and so appreciative that you all are enjoying the apps, and very thankful that @phillyd, @charlestrippy, @allispeed and @olgakay have allowed me to work with them to provide official apps for their content streams.  I also have a few more apps to be released very shortly for some other wildly popular vloggers (announcement later) – and I’m simply thrilled that these great content providers are finding value in my work.

Tonight marks a huge milestone in that I have realized that GeekUtils currently has around 150,000 unique users, who have registered around 2.8 million individual sessions since January 17, 2010 when Unofficial iJustine was launched.  This is absolutely huge – it means that since January 17, 2010, on average, a GeekUtils app has been launched every 5.6 seconds worldwide.  I can’t possibly thank you all enough for your downloads and I look forward to continuing this trend, and continuing to release great apps that i know you’ll love.

When I started working on these apps in November of 2009, I hoped, but never imagined that they would be received so well.  So…  Thank You!

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