Unofficial ShayTards is now available!

Due to popular demand, we’ve released a new app for the ShayTards family of YouTube channels.

An important note (since ShayCarl posts videos nearly every day) is to mention that once Shay uploads a new video, YouTube must process it.  Our application will automatically display the latest video as soon as it is available for mobile devices.  Until it is available for mobile devices, we cannot play the video – that’s not a limitation of our app – it’s a limitation of YouTube.  You would notice that those videos also wouldn’t play back on the built-in YouTube app on your device. When a video is currently still being processed, the play icon will look like this:

Video Still Processing

Unfortunately, we already saw a 2 star review in the app store where someone blames our app about the lag-time mentioned above.  Please, if you have any questions or concerns, e-mail us using the “About” link inside the app prior to leaving a bad review.  We’ll either find a way to make you happy, or will explain why something works the way it does if it is out of our control.


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