GeekUtils gets a mention from Phil DeFranco!

Yesterday, I was shocked, amazed, and grateful that Phil DeFranco gave my Unofficial PhillyD app a shout on Twitter.   To all of you who followed his advice and downloaded my app – thank you – and welcome to the club ;).

We gathered just over a thousand new downloads yesterday, and the app has risen from obscurity to #68 in the social networking category of the app store.  Keep the downloads coming, spread the word, and continue to support the DeFranco nation!

As always, if you have any questions, feature suggestions, bug reports, or just want to say Hi – please use the “Contact” Button on the about tab inside the app.  Remember, this contact e-mail comes to the developer, for contacting Phil – try twitter (@phillyd) or one of his public e-mail addresses.

Again – thank you!

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