isn’t working?

If you are using our Unofficial Phil DeFranco app, you’ve probably noticed that the “mobile” and “web” tabs are not working like they used to.

Why is this happening?  Well – if you read Phil’s facebook fan page, you’ll note that he has changed the way that works.  The blog that used to be there has been dismantled, and the site now simply leads you to his YouTube channel.

Because the blog is no longer there, clicking the “Web” tab in our app will simply redirect you to the mobile YouTube page, and the “Mobile” tab (which used to give you a streamlined version of his blog) now only returns an error.

We are working on an updated version of the app to submit this evening to Apple that simply removes these two tabs now that they are no longer a part of Phil’s content stream.   Look for v1.2 of our Unofficial PhillyD app to be available for update later in the week.

In the meantime, simply ignore those two tabs – the rest of the app will continue to function as it always has.

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